1. Explain in detail the definition/concepts of "Intelligent Design", "Irreducible Complexity", "Anthropic Principle", "Specified Complexity", the "Principle of Causality", "Evolution", "Macroevolution", Microevolution", "Theistic Evolution", and Creationism" as explained in the reading assignments and powerpoint. Use examples, when they apply, in your explanations. You may use outside resources resources if needed, in order to gain a better understanding. Pay particular attention to "Irreducible Complexity".

2. Explain the differences between Operation Science and Origin Science and why understanding the differences is important when discussing the debate between creationism and evolution. 

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1. Explain in detail the definition/concepts of ‘Intelligent Design’, ‘Irreducible Complexity’, ‘Anthropic Principle’, ‘Specified Complexity’, the ‘Principle of Causality’, ‘Evolution’, ‘Macroevoluti
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