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I. INTRODUCTION a) Hook:   b) Background/context:   c) Thesis:   II. NARRATION a) History/background of your topic (neutral)   b) Any keywords/terms that need to be defined   III. PARTITION a) Overview of your position on the issue (br
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a) Hook:


b) Background/context:


c) Thesis:



a) History/background of your topic (neutral)


b) Any keywords/terms that need to be defined



a) Overview of your position on the issue (broad explanation of your argument; might include support from sources):


IV. ARGUMENT PARAGRAPHS (Sub claims must be arguable)

a) Sub Claim #1: 

a. Supporting evidence:


b) Sub Claim #2:

a. Supporting evidence:


c) Sub Claim #3: 

a. Supporting evidence;


d) Additional sub claim(s) if needed:



a) Major objection to your main claim/thesis:


a. Evidence to disprove/refute the objection:


b) Second objection to your main claim/thesis (if needed):



a) Summary of argument, main points, call to action, etc.

use the instruction above and answer the question below in MLA format in 200 words I need it in 24 hours


Use the Classical Argument Outline template document in this lesson's readings to create an outline for your Classical Argument work This work outline is based on all of the work you have done up until this point: your research proposal, annotated bibliography, and thesis statement. The Classical Argument Outline worksheet can help you decide what should go in each section of the outline.

Remember that you must include all of the sections of a classical argument. 

Before you submit your outline, review the following questions to evaluate the quality of your outline.  (Remember, do not submit work here. This assignment is for an outline only).

Intro: Do you have some information to establish the context of your argument? For example, if your work is about gun control, is there a reference to recent news reports or an establishment of a need for gun control? Does your thesis appear at or near the end of the intro paragraph? Is your thesis arguable?

Narrative: Does your narrative provide background information on your topic? Is the information within the past 10 years or less? Do you have source material for this section? Is this section neutral, as it should be?

Partition: Does your partition provide context for your issue? Does it provide an overview of why there is a disagreement concerning your topic? Do you have source material for this section? Does this section begin to provide a broad overview of your argument? 

Argument Section Paragraphs: Do you have at least three arguable sub-claims to provide the basis of the argument section paragraphs? Does each paragraph list a sub-claim as a topic sentence at or very near the beginning? Does each paragraph have evidence to prove the sub-claim it is presenting?

Refutation: Is there at least one counter-claim listed? Do you have source material to accurately describe the counterpoint(s)? Do you have a refutation listed for the counter-claim? Do you have source material to support your refutation?

Conclusion: Is there a clear re-establishment of your overall thesis? Did you avoid repeating sentences that appeared elsewhere in your work? Is there a reiteration of all of your main points? 


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