1. Title your paper: “Review of [Name of Article]” 
  2. State the Author:
  3. Summarize the article in one paragraph:
  4. Post a screenshot of the article's frequency table and/or graph.  
    Frequency Distribution -OR- Graph
  5. Answer the following questions about your table or graph.   
    1. What type of study is used in the article (quantitative or qualitative)?
      1. Explain how you came to that conclusion. 
    2. What type of graph or table did you choose for your lab (bar graph, histogram, stem & leaf plot, etc.)?
      1. What characteristics make it this type (you should bring in material that you learned in the course)?
    3. Describe the data displayed in your frequency distribution or graph (consider class size, class width, total frequency, list of frequencies, class consistency, explanatory variables, response variables, shapes of distributions, etc.)   
    4. Draw a conclusion about the data from the graph or frequency distribution in the context of the article. 
    5. How else might this data have been displayed?
      1. Discuss the pros and cons of 2 other presentation options, such as tables or different graphical displays.
      2. Why do you think those two other presentation options (i.e., tables or different graphs) were not used in this article? 
  6. Give the full APA reference of the article you are using for this lab. 
  7. Be sure your name is on the Word document, save it, and then submit it under "Assignments" and "Week 3: Lab". 

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Title your paper: “Review of [Name of Article]”  State the Author: Summarize the article in one paragraph: Post a screenshot of the article’s frequency table and/or graph.   Example: Freq
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