allowing for deepening relationships but also building the capacity of these

Partial List of HIA Topics

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when effectively executed it can build capacity and relationships. HIA is a tool in which multiple stakehold- ers have an opportunity to engage
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Advanced Metering Initiatives (Smart Metering)

Agricultural Policy Area-Specific Land Use Plans Carbon Cap and Trade Regulation

City Growth Policies City Redevelopment County General Plan Updates Farm-to-School Legislation Freeway Expansion Housing Development Housing Vouchers

Living Wage Legislation Metropolitan Transportation Plans Natural gas pipelines Pay Equity Legislation Permits for a waste facility Public Housing Redevelopment School Discipline Policies School Funding State Budget Transit Plans Water Conservation Laws Zoning and Land Uses for Light Rail

stakeholders to engage meaningfully. The process of the HIA can be so im- portant that the skills and opportuni- ties for advocacy it provides become primary goals and are as important as outcome-related goals. When a group of community organizations in West Oakland decided to learn about HIA

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